• The culture and beauty of the ancient world have never been surpassed. We are still striving to come close to their level of commitment to self and nature.

  • You know there are wonderful pictures you haven't seen yet.

  • Either your pieces respond to the space or they make their own demands on the space.

  • Failings are merely failures of discovery.

  • You need culture to access culture.

  • Avoid the constant restless evaporation of your daily life by being creative and helping those in front of you.

  • What do you value most highly?

  • Life begins when the story comes to an end.

  • The art of the past is available for such use as artists care to give it. What is not available to them is the spirit in which the art was made.

  • And I strive to discover how to signal my companions... to say in time a simple word a password, like conspirators: Let us unite; let us hold each other tightly; let us merge our hearts; let us create for Earth a brain and a heart; let us give a human meaning to the superhuman struggle." N.K.

  • 'Truth is life."

  • As above, so below- or as Scotty said, " I look up, I look down."

  • Inspiration is never far from you.

  • Love what you do, Do what you love.

  • Build your own world.

  • Believe in the individual.

  • Out of the strong comes forth freedom. 

  • Close your eyes. Wait about 30 seconds.  You will start  to see images of your past, your present, and your future. 

  • You won't know until it's finished, and by then it will be too late.

  • Everything exists in its own right, and does not point to any other reality than itself. Being is meaning. When you try to separate the two, you lose form and true meaning.

  • Don't ask for the moon, you have the stars.

  • It is you, who will make it happen, make it all possible. It is your version of a great life, your energy, your feeling.

  • You never finish a piece of art. It's abandoned.

  • Shadings are variants of hues they inflict. 

Artist Imagist and Professor of Fine Art, Emeritus

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